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With no bike, just doing business | Deciding to buy dirtbike in Thailand   |   My wife receiveing Bachelor from the Royal Princess  |   Building MX track  |  Getting back into dirt bike racing | Happy customers :)

The bike that created the vision

Freshly restored Honda CR125 Model 1996                 |                On the gas on our track                 |                 Fresh piston to keep it happy :)

My Thai family who helped with everything                  |         My lovely wife and I at the MX track          |         A few of the key people in the setup process

the people

Our Philosophy

Riding dirt bikes is not just about going around the track as fast as possible but more about having fun and having a great experience.  

Every day when we go to work, we stare up at The Big Buddha and feel blessed by it - lucky to be able to work with motocross bikes and dirt tracks every day.

the Story is a small family business built on love for the motocross sport 

It all started with a motocross bike and a dream. Now we have a motocross track with dirt bikes for rent, instructors and full protection gear.

Our story told by the founder, Toby:
"It all started 2013 when I decided to buy an old Honda CR125 2-stroke to start riding again after almost 10 years away from motocross competition racing. At that time I was living in Thailand developing a new kind of social media that can make people spend more time on the things that make them happy, and focus more on being happy today'ish instead of aiming to be happy in 10 years when some major goals have been reached. So it really made a lot of sense to start having some more fun everyday with other people riding dirt bikes.

My wife Sukanya and her family believed in me and helped organize things and talk to the right people to establish the motocross facility in the jungle of Phuket at the foot of the Big Buddha mountain. This start-up is run from the heart and its development is still funded by my other businesses. We are happy and proud to have received a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor 2016 - Huge thanks to all you guys out there who has supported our project, and helped us keep believing in living out our dreams. Life is supposed to be a party and we party when we ride."

important moments