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P: +66 (0) 93-026-0846 (free on WhatsApp)  

Our Track 

Our track is great because it is:

- Built on hillside (more fun terrain)

- Both small and big jumps (good for both rookies an skilled)

- Shadowed by trees, many places (not as hot as a track in the sun) 

- Nice mix of soil types: dark soil and sandy red clay

- Lots of berms in the turns

- NEW 2019 design features: wider track, 23m/60ft table top/double jump, Quad step up 27m or 90ft, New wave section instead of the previous whoops section

See more videos and pictures by clicking this link to our instagram profile  (pictures below)

​Updated steeper berm angle for more speed

Hope to see you soon!

​Fresh new wave section

Our 27m / 90 ft quad step-up jump. In this picture doing the 50ft triple+single combo, full gas 3rd gear, CRF250R

Pictures of our NEW 2019 motocross track design in Phuket

Click play to take a lap